NHHTANew Hampshire
Horse & Trail

Who We Are and What We Do

New Hampshire Horse & Trail Association  was established to promote and  encourage horse activities in NH
NHH&TA  has been in continual operation since it was established in 1945.
NHH&TA oversees a wide variety of horse activities in the State of New Hampshire.  A yearly circuit of affiliated horse shows, gymkhanas and trail rides is offered to members as well as to the general public. High standards of good horsemanship, sportsmanship, and friendship are maintained and encouraged.
NHH&TA maintains a rule book under which the horse shows, gymkhanas and trail rides operate.  Through the efforts of volunteers who serve as council and committee members and officers, the rule book is kept current and compatible with New England Horsemen's Council and US E (formerly  AHSA).  The rule book is designed to provide an atmosphere of safety, sportsmanship and fair play for all who wish to participate.
The Association hosts an annual awards banquet each November  to honor the people and horses who have excelled in their chosen disciplines.  All NHH&TA members are eligible for awards in the Horse Show, Gymkhana and Trail Ride Divisions, regardless of place of residency.  The NHH&TA rule book gives specific qualifications for the divisions.



Joining NHHTA

Joining NHH&TA places you on a mailing list and you will receive notification of all affiliated events including horse shows, trail rides and gymkhanas.  The Annual Calendar of Events also lists smaller non-rated shows suitable for beginners.   Assistance and information is provided to members to help make their equestrian experience rewarding, fruitful and enjoyable.
Not sure how to start?
No matter which discipline interests you, a great way to get started is to offer to help at an event, or just come and watch!  Need some moral support? Join a club!  The names and addresses of contacts for the various events and the clubs that operate them are in the NHH&TA rule book.
Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider; own a backyard pet, a trail horse or a show horse,  NHH&TA is the organization for you.
How do you join?
Just fill in and print out the application provided HERE and  mail it with your check today; then dust off your saddle and get ready for a great season !