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The New Hampshire Horse & Trail Association Rule Book is mailed out to new members.  Current members who request it, may obtain a supplement with changes that fit into the old format Rule Book cover.

The Rule Book is available as a pdf download from this website or you may access it online.  CD copies are available on request.

CLICK HERE to download a pdf copy of the 2016 NHHTA Rule Book 

2016 Rule Changes -

Recognizing the changing dynamics of the equestrian event scene and the availability of appropriate venues, an emergency rule change was voted on at the Annual Banquet of Champions on November 28, 2015. The change is on Page C1 of the NHHTA Rule Book.  Affiliated events would no longer have to be held within New Hampshire. 
Under #2, Affiliation Procedure and Fees, second paragraph will now read:
All affiliated events must be sponsored by a NH riding club, fair association or any other organization approved by the NHHTA Rules Committee.
Page D1 – add rider, handler, driver to list of those eligible for awards.  To read:  “ To be eligible for NHH&TA Annual Awards, the owner or lessee in addition to the rider, handler and driver must be a member in good standing of NHH&TA…”

Page D2 #8 – Placings to be extended to 6 placings and points added as follows:
                        Class A                                     Class B                                     Class C
5th place  =      12 (championship – 18)          8 (championship – 12)            4  (championship – 6)
6th place =       9   (championship – 15)          6 (championship – 10)            3  (championship – 5)
The following NEHC rule change will effect NHHTA
Page C 3 #5 Event Dates – Shows
“A.  No two shows within 75 miles driving distance of each other, location to location, shall be awarded conflicting dates ….”
A bylaw change affecting dues was presented to the membership.  Changes proposed will take effect in 2017
Individual Dues will be $25.00 per year        
Life Time Individual Membership will be $250.00     
Family Dues will be $40.00                            
Family Life Time Membership will be $400 to include children under 18







Upcoming Events and Dates to Remember

     - FEBRUARY 4, 2017

  • RULE CHANGES 2016 are posted to the left. 


    We invite Gymkhana Shows to affiliate with NHHTA under our newly revised Gymkhana Division.

  • MEMBERSHIP DUES should be paid before the start of the show and trail season.  Renewal forms for the 2016 season were mailed out with the year end award standings and the Annual Banquet of Champions notice.  If you didn’t receive a renewal form you can use the form on this website.
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  • NHH&TA ANNUAL BANQUET OF CHAMPIONS - Saturday, November 28, 2015. 
    The Annual Banquet is held the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Put the date for the 2014 Banquet on your calendar now !
    The 2015 Banquet will be held at Executive Courtyard in Manchester, NH